Preference: You confirm your relationship on Twitter


Him: @Harry_Styles: Well I guess you’ve all heard the news by now…@Y/T/N and I are really seeing each other. And yeah, we do get on really well ;)

You: @Y/T/N: It’s true. Harry and I are together. I would really appreciate everyone’s support :)


Him: @Real_Liam_Payne: Ok I cant keep this a secret anymore…@Y/T/N is my girlfriend and I love her to pieces :)

You: @Y/T/N: Yes, I’m Liam’s girlfriend! Thanks for all the kind words guys :) 


Him: @Louis_Tomlinson: Yes I’m really with @Y/T/N. We really don’t care what you think. We’re very happy together. She’s the one! Have a great day x 

You: @Y/T/N: Louis made me start this twitter :P so yeah, I’m Louis’s girlfriend, follow me if you’d like xx 


Him: @NiallOfficial: I have no idea how you guys figured it out, but yeah @Y/T/N and I are dating! Off to Nando’s with her now haha! 

You: @Y/T/N: Yeah Niall and I are together haha you guys literally know everything! 


Him: @zaynmalik: if anyone wants to check out my girl’s new music video that would be cool. p.s. the song’s about me aha :) 

You: @Y/T/N: Well now that zayn’s told you, yeah, we’re dating…have been for a while :)

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