Preference: You do a photo-shoot together *request*

  • Harry: You were in the entertainment industry yourself so you and Harry were considered the hottest celebrity couple. People Magazine happened to be doing a feature on all the hot Hollywood couples around the time of your 2 year anniversary. Usually you and Harry liked to keep your careers separate, but you guys decided it could be something special for your anniversary. You actually had a lot of fun working with Harry on the shoot. You guys were goofing around in the expensive clothing you were wearing, and Harry was constantly giving you love-bites. That was the photo that actually made the cover--you tugging on your leather jacket and Harry nibbling at your neck while he pulled you close to him. You guys had so much fun that you started doing more photo shoots together.
  • Liam: You were just a normal girl who was thrown into the spotlight when you started dating Liam. But you quickly got used to all the attention. You never had been asked to do a photo shoot though. That is, until your daughter was born. A bunch of magazines were willing to pay you two a ton of money for the first pictures of your child. Liam didn't want to do that shoot for money--he just wanted the world to see your new baby. You finally settled on a magazine and went with your family to take the photos. The whole time Liam was fussing about the lights. He didn't want them to be too bright or hurt the baby. He was just so protective. You eventually got him to settle down and take some pictures. And they came out beautifully. When the magazine went on stands, everyone could not stop talking about how gorgeous your child was and what a perfect family you all made.
  • Louis: As Louis's girlfriend, you were best known for your amazing sense of style. A magazine wanted to feature you two as the best dressed couple in the world. It was a pretty big title, but you both thought it was true. You agreed to do the photo shoot with Louis and were actually really excited about it. When you got to the studio, Louis turned on his acting skills and started to pretend he was a famous fashion designer with an accent and everything. He would comment on every outfit you wore and was being super dramatic about it. It was hysterical. In most of the shots you guys took together, you were laughing. You couldn't help it, especially when Louis was cracking jokes every five seconds. Luckily they did get some serious photos of the two of you, and the one they chose for the cover went viral within minutes of its release. You guys happened to be wearing Armani, and since you looked so amazing in it, the company contacted you about being the faces of their brand.
  • Niall: It's no secret Niall is big into food, so ever since you guys got married, a bunch of magazines and websites started contacting you guys about fun recipes couples could cook together. Neither you nor Niall were the best cooks out there, but it was fun to contribute what you did know. One cooking magazine wanted to feature a five page article about you guys and your life together. You thought it would be fun, so you accepted the offer. They came to your house so they could get shots of you guys in your natural environment--your very own kitchen. They took pictures of the two of you cooking and being your naturally adorable selves. With you and Niall on the cover, the cooking magazine flew off the shelves. Since you guys were so popular, they started featuring you every month.
  • Zayn: Zayn was always known for his good looks, and once you started dating him, so were you--whether you agreed with people or not. Everyone called you the hottest couple on the planet. Different magazines had been begging you for ages to do a photo shoot with them, but you weren't totally comfortable in front of a camera. Even the paparazzi that had been following you around for the 3 years you'd been with Zayn still freaked you out. But one day, after Zayn told you how much it would mean to him, you agreed to go through with one photo shoot. It was Vogue anyway--how could you really turn down such an amazing magazine? When you got to the site of the shoot, you were incredibly nervous, but Zayn calmed you down. He never let go of your hand once, not even when the photographer was trying to pose you guys in a different way. Just feeling his touch like that made you feel so much better that you actually started to get into the shoot. Knowing that Zayn was by your side opened you up to the idea of maybe trying some more photo shoots. After all, your Vogue pictures were super hot!
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