Preference: Picking out baby names

  • Harry: You and Harry were having your first child, so of course you were fussing over your little girl's name. One day you both cracked open the baby names books and got to business. You sat on the couch and decided not to get up and until you picked one. "Okay, I like Brianna and Lyssa a lot," you told him. "Oh, those are nice..." Harry said half-heartedly. He would respond to all of your name choices like that. Finally you needed to know what was up. "Okay, Harry," you said. "You obviously have a name in mind, so what is it?" Harry cracked a smile before saying, "Darcy. Darcy Anne Styles. I don't know. Maybe it's stupid, but I've just always pictured my daughter having that name." You thought it over. "It's actually perfect," you admitted. "Darcy Anne Styles. We've found the one!"
  • Liam: You and Liam waited until the birth of your son to pick his name. You guys thought that when you saw his face you'd just know. But it wasn't so easy. You both came up with a bunch of ideas, but you weren't agreeing on anything. You even sent your mom out to buy a new book of baby names to give you some more choices, but nothing was helping. Finally, three days after having your son, you guys decided that you needed to pick a name and fast. "We could name him Louis," Liam suggested. "Like Louis Niall Payne!" "We are not naming him Louis Niall Payne," you told him. You rubbed your temples, willing your brain to come up with something good. "Got one!" Liam shouted before you could. "James Isaac Payne. Sounds good right?" It actually did. You really liked it. "I think it's perfect," you said. Liam picked up little James, saying, "We've finally got you a name, James!"
  • Louis: "I have never done anything so difficult in my whole life," Louis grumbled, running a hand through his hair. "Louis, we're picking our daughter's name," you reminded him. "This is supposed to be fun." "It's not," he grumbled, flipping through the name book again. "What about Hannah?" you suggested. "Hannah Noelle Tomlinson...or Hannah Louise Tomlinson." "Hannah Louise?" Louis snorted. "That's like a play on my name. No!" "Well then you pick a name, because you never like what I choose!" Louis was up for the challenge. You watched him flip through the already pretty beaten up pages until he found something. "Okay, this is perfect," he said. "Rachel Grace Tomlinson!" You had originally stayed away from the name Rachel, but now hearing it as part of a full name you really liked it. "Actually that's...that's pretty good..." you admitted. "It's settled!' Louis shouted. "Rachel Grace Tomlinson!" He rubbed your belly before he ran to tell his mum the news.
  • Niall: "Jacob Jacob Jacob Jacob," Niall was chanting. "For the last time," you said, laughing, "I am not naming my son after a Twilight werewolf!" "Hey, he's not named after him," Niall defended. "He'll just happen to have the same name." "We need to think of something else," you told him. "Maybe a proper Irish name." He sighed, but started up a new Google search. Your original plan included an authentic Irish name, but now you both were swaying. You just needed to find a name before your son was due in 3 weeks. "Aidan?" you suggested. "Nah, too overdone," Niall said. "I've got the right name though, I swear." He scribbled down a few ideas, then started crossing out the ones he didn't like. You waited patiently for him to reveal his choice. "Jacob Patrick Horan!" You were about to yell at him for choosing Jacob, but you stopped yourself. "Jacob Patrick..." you repeated. It actually sounded a lot better than you thought. And Niall loved the name so much..."Okay!" you said finally. "Okay, that's the one!" "Really?!" Niall asked. "Yes! I think it's perfect!" And you gave Niall a kiss.
  • Zayn: You were having contractions, but they were too far apart for you to go to the hospital. Your doctor told you to stay at home and keep your mind off of it until you were really ready. Since you and Zayn still didn't have a name for your daughter picked out, you decided it was time to make the decision. As Zayn rubbed your back, he suggested, "Mia." "Mia Malik?" you questioned. "I don't want to do a double M." "Okay," Zayn agreed. He was super willing to compromise with you. "Jayden?" he tried. "Nope," you said, taking his hand as another contraction came. They were stronger and faster now. "It sounds like a boy's name." "Well, what do you think?" he asked. Once the contraction was through, you were able to think. Finally you said, "Lucy. Lucy Raven Malik." "I like it," Zayn said. "Good because it's time!" You were really ready to go to the hospital. Six hours later little Lucy was born!
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