Preference: He finds out you have a child from a previous relationship *request*

  • Harry: You and Harry had only been dating for a few months. It was really casual between you two. You weren't even sure if it was exclusive, but you were having a good time nonetheless. You really wanted to tell him about your two year old daughter, Sarah, but you never found the right moment. Harry liked to go out a lot, and you felt like you couldn't spring it on him while you were out with a bunch of people. One day you guys were taking a cab to a friend's house for dinner. Harry was looking something up on your phone (he somehow managed to forget his own) and ended up looking at your pictures. "This girl's cute," he commented on a picture of you holding Sarah on the swings at the park. "Who is she?" You took a deep breath and decided to just tell him the truth. "Um...she's my daughter actually," you said. He stared at you in confusion for a few moments before saying, "What? Are you joking?" "No...she's...she's really my daughter. Her name's Sarah. I had her when I was 17 with my ex. She was completely unplanned, but I love her so much that I sort of forget about how young I was and all the hardships." "Why didn't you ever tell me?" Harry asked. You couldn't tell how he was taking the news yet. "I guess I was just nervous," you admitted. "I didn't want you to be scared off or something." Just when you thought Harry would never say something, he laughed. "(Y/N), you can't scare me off," he told you. "I really like you, and even though I wish you told me sooner, I'm glad you told me now. I'd love to meet her. If she's anything like her mother, I already know she's wonderful." He leaned over to give you a kiss on the cheek.
  • Louis: You and Louis were celebrating your one month anniversary with a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant. Things were going really well with you two. You liked Louis a lot, but didn't want to ruin things by bringing up the fact you had a ten-month old son from a drunken hookup at a club. You loved little Aaron more than anything, but the story of his conception was not one you wanted to flaunt. Louis had been wanting to come back to your apartment lately, but you always said no. Tonight was one of those nights. "I'll see you tomorrow," you told him as you gave him a goodnight kiss. "How about you see a little more of me tonight?" he said suggestively, kissing you harder. You loved the feeling and Louis's idea, but you had to get inside to pay the babysitter. "Rain check, I promise," you said with a smile. You turned to unlock your front door. You turned to say goodbye to Louis, but he caught you off guard, giving your front door a little push and just going inside. The babysitter was sitting on the couch watching TV. "Oh, hey," Louis said when he saw her. "Are you (Y/N)'s sister?" "Oh no, I'm Katie, the babysitter," Katie said. "Babysitter?" "Kate, can you go check on Aaron for me?" you asked quickly. She did as she was told. "Who's Aaron?" Louis asked. "Well, I guess I can't hide it any longer. Aaron is my son." "You have a son?" Louis looked pretty shocked. "Why didn't you tell me? Don't you think that's something a guy ought to know?" "I wanted to tell you," you said, "but...honestly I was a little embarrassed. I got pregnant after a stupid drunk slip up at a club. I didn't want you to think any less of me." "(Y/N), I wouldn't think any less of you just because you're a mother," Louis said sweetly, a smile growing on his face. "So can I meet him? Aaron?" "Well, he's sleeping," you told him, "but I guess you can see him anyway." You took his hand and led him to the nursery.
  • Liam: Liam was super honest with you about his past right from the start, so you really didn't get the chance to hide anything about your baby boy Jacob. You didn't think it was right to keep something like that from him. When he asked about your family about three weeks after you started seeing each other, you pulled out a picture of your son as you told him the truth. "I actually have a son. His name is Jacob and he just turned 1 last month. My ex and I thought we were going to get married, but when Jake was a few weeks old, he left us." You handed Liam the picture. "I'll completely understand if you don't want to see me anymore. A lot of guys don't when they hear about Jake." Liam was just staring at the photo for a really long time. Finally he said, "(Y/N), he's absolutely adorable!" Liam was smiling from ear to ear. "Why would guys stop seeing you when they could hang out with this little guy?" "Are you sure you're know, weirded out by this?" you asked. "Of course not. I think it's really strong of you to be a single mother. And it doesn't change my feelings for you. If anything, it makes me like you even more." Liam gave you a kiss, and then wouldn't shut up about meeting Jacob!
  • Niall: You and Niall had been going out for almost two months. You really really liked him. You guys would hang out all the time, even though it was sometimes hard to find a sitter for your 16 month old daughter, Lizzie. And you hadn't exactly gotten around to telling Niall about her. You wanted to of course, but how do you tell the guy that you're falling in love with that you already have a kid? It could be a real deal breaker. But now Niall wanted to meet your family, and since it was your dad's birthday, you thought you could bring Niall along. But that of course meant he'd meet your daughter. As you were getting ready to go with Niall to the party, you decided to just tell him. That way he wouldn't be too surprised when he met Lizzie there. "So Niall, I really have to tell you something," you said as you brushed your hair. "Okay, what is it, princess?" he said. "Well...well, I guess I haven't been completely honest with you..." "What?" Niall stopped putting on his tie and just stared at you. You knew he was thinking of something way worse, but it still made you nervous. "It's just that...It's just that I have a daughter. She's 16 months old and her name's Lizzie and you're going to meet her today!" you blurted. Niall looked more than a little surprised. Once he collected himself, all he could say was, "What?" "She was an accident, with my old boyfriend. We weren't even together anymore when I found out I was pregnant. But...but I had her and she's my daughter and I hope you'll still want to go out with me..." Niall put his arm around you. "(Y/N), you're my princess. And you'll always be my princess, even if you have a little princess of your own." You both laughed at that, and then left for the party. The whole way there Niall was actually really excited to meet your daughter.
  • Zayn: Zayn told you from day one that you had to be honest with each other or it wouldn't work. He just gotten out of a relationship for that very reason. You liked Zayn a lot, so you weren't going to risk hiding your 8 month old daughter, Sophia. On that second date when Zayn asked you all about your family, you told him a lot about your parents and siblings, but then talked about your daughter too. "I'm going to be honest with you," you said. "I have a daughter. Her name's Sophia, and she's only 8 months old. You're the only guy I've dated since her father. But don't worry, we broke up a long time ago. I thought about not telling you about her...about waiting...but I know how you feel about lying and I just couldn't keep this from you." "You have a baby?" Zayn asked, looking a little pale. "Yes...and I know that most guys don't want to get involved with that. I'll understand if you just want know, quit while you're ahead." That brought the color back to Zayn's face. "No, (Y/N)," he said. "I'm not going to stop seeing you just because you have a child. I'm actually really glad you told me. Now that I know that you're willing to be so honest with me, I feel like I can trust you even more. I definitely want to see more of you." "Really?" "Absolutely. And more of Sophia. Have you got any pictures?" You pulled out your phone and started showing him all the pictures, watching him coo over your daughter.
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