Preference: He hits you. *request*

  • Harry: You and Harry had gone out to a club. You knew he was drinking too much, but you couldn't really stop him. All you could do was watch. He doesn't listen to you when he's drunk anyway. All the way home, he's kissing you. You let it slide, just because you know this happens a lot when he's wasted. When you get back to your apartment, you guide Harry to the bedroom so he can get changed and sleep off the hangover you know he'll have. Harry has something else in mind. He makes another move at you, grabbing you roughly and kissing your neck. "Okay, Harry, it's time to go to sleep," you say, trying to push him off of you. He's too strong though, and he pushes you all the way back up against the wall. You struggle to get him away from you as he kisses you fiercely. "Harry, stop," you say as loudly as you can. But he doesn't. He starts to pull your dress off. "Harry!" He won't stop. You know he's drunk, but it's scary all the same. You finally don't know what else to do: you kick him as hard as you can in his stomach. He doubles over and stumbles away from you. When he finally looks at you again, you can see that he's angry. This isn't your Haz. This is someone else entirely, and the reason you hated it when Harry drank. He pushes you into the wall with great force. You know you shouldn't fight back, but it's just an instinct. Before you realize it, Harry slaps you across the face. Your cheek stings and your eyes well with tears as you look at him in horror. He may have been drunk, but there was no excuse for him hitting you. You give him one final shove away from you before you grab your keys and a sweater. "Babe, I'm sorry," he mumbles. "I swear I didn't mean to. Where are you going, (Y/N)?" You're too upset to respond. You hurry out of the apartment and don't look back.
  • Louis: You and Louis are having a big fight. It's your fault really. You're the one telling him about the brief affair you had at the beginning of your relationship. It wasn't a big deal. You broke it off with the other guy as soon as you and Louis became serious, but you couldn't keep it a secret any longer. You loved Louis too much to hide it from him. You were so sure he would understand. But your plan had backfired. He was angry with you. He was actually furious, and Louis was not one to get upset easily. "Louis, please," you beg. "You have to understand that it didn't mean anything!" "It obviously meant something if you were with him for four months!" he shouts. "Four months is nothing compared to the two years I've spent with you." "I think we've only really been together for a year and eight months," he responds with sass. "You know, since those other four months were devoted to another guy!" "You're really overreacting," you try to tell him. But the more you try to make him understand, the more upset he gets. When you mention the other guy's name, Louis punches the wall. You try to go over to him to calm him down, but he pushes you away with such great force that you actually stumble backwards. Something about hurting you stirs something in Louis. His eyes completely change. You don't recognize the boy who pushes you into the wall and gives you a hard slap across the face. Once he sees what he's done though, the old Louis returns. "Oh my god, (Y/N)," he says, backing away from you. "I'm so sorry. I didn't...I don't...please, you've got to understand. I'm angry, and hurt. I'm hurt." He looks at you with hopeless eyes. Your mother's voice echoes in your head, telling you to walk out on any man who lays a finger on you. But this is Louis...and you can see he feels bad..."I just...I need a minute," you finally say before you lock yourself in the bathroom.
  • Liam: "I saw you two together!" you scream at Liam. You two never usually fight. You were always the perfect couple, with no problems. And Liam was the perfect boyfriend. He never once did anything to hurt you. But now you've seen him with another girl. You watched as he kissed her. You never thought Liam would cheat, but you saw it with your own eyes. "(Y/N), for the last time, it was just a fan!" he says. "Oh, do you go around kissing all your fans?" you ask with venom. You've never felt so betrayed. "No, of course not!" The fighting doesn't stop there. You two keep going back and forth. Liam keeps insisting that it was nothing, and you want to believe him, but something inside you just won't let it go. Finally, you see Liam getting really aggravated. He's practically shaking. "Ah, just shut up!" he screams out. You don't expect to see his hand flying to your face. You try to move out of the way, but you still receive part of the slap. Liam's face immediately falls. He knows just as well as you do that he never would have dared to hurt you like that. His eyes fill with tears. "Honey, I'm so sorry," he says, wrapping his arms around. You push him away. You still can't believe that he actually hit. "Please, (Y/N), please don't go." But you're already packing a bag of your things. "Babe, please. You know I love you. I love you so much and I never will do anything like that again. You have to believe me." He continues on, but you stop listening, storming out of the apartment.
  • Zayn: He's convinced that he's caught you cheating. You try to tell him that you were just hanging out with a guy friend you haven't seen in a while, but he won't believe you. You've been fighting for hours, but it does nothing to solve the problem. Zayn just refuses to believe your story, even though you're telling the honest truth. "Zayn, I don't know what else to say," you finally scream at him. "I didn't do anything wrong!" "You cheated on me, (Y/N)!" he yells for the hundredth time. "That is it! I am so out of here." You grab your purse and start to leave the room, but Zayn gets in the way. "You're not going anywhere," he says. "Move," you growl at him. When he won't, you push him as hard as you can. He pushes you right back, but instead of ending it there, he slaps you across the face. "Oh, babe, I'm sorry," he says instantly. "I didn't mean it, I--" You push him out of the way and hurry out of the room. This time he doesn't stop you. You turn back to see him hit the table out of anger and start to cry.
  • Niall: You are at a club with Niall. It's getting late, and Niall's getting pretty drunk. You just stand by the bar while he dances around like a crazy person. Some guy comes up to and asks to buy you a drink. When you say you're not interested, he understands but still wants to talk to you. You chat with him for a while and see that he's actually a cool guy. You're laughing at one of his jokes when Niall comes over to you. "We need to talk," he says, clearly upset. You two go outside where no one can see you. "What do you think you're doing?" Niall asks. "What are you talking about?" you ask him. "You were totally flirting with that guy!" "No, I wasn't. We were just talking." "Oh, please!" And the argument began. Niall didn't believe that you weren't flirting with him. And his drunken state didn't help at all. Finally he backs you into the wall and gets right in your face. "You are never to talk to another guy again," he growls. "Are you being serious?" you asked. "Yes." "Niall, you don't control me. You can't tell me what to do. I'm not--" You're cut off by his hand meeting your face. The slap was hard and completely unexpected. You stare at him in shock. It takes him a few seconds to realize what he's done. "Oh, (Y/N)," he starts to say. "I hate you when you're drunk!" you scream at him. You run away from him, tears flowing freely.
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