Preference: He wants to have sex, but you have your period...*request*

  • Harry: You're sitting in bed with him, just reading a book. All of a sudden he starts kissing your neck. "Haz, stop," you say as gently as you can. "Come on, (Y/N)." He tries to get on top of you but you have to push him off. "What's wrong?" he asks. After all, you weren't usually one to turn him down. "It's just...I...It's that time of month..." Harry looks at you for a moment, confused, before he starts laughing. "Well, why didn't you just say something?" He gives you a quick kiss on the cheek before going to get you some ice cream. The two of you watch a scary movie before falling asleep.
  • Louis: You're watching TV on the couch with Louis. All of a sudden he moves a little closer to you and starts running his hand up your thigh and around to your bum--his signature move when he's in the mood. "Not tonight, babe," you say, taking his hands off of you. "Awwwww, why not?" he asks, pouting like a little child. "It's just...personal." Louis starts tugging on your sweatshirt and in a baby voice says, "Please! Tell me, tell me, tell me," over and over again. "Alright, I have my period!" you finally blurt. You start to blush. You don't talk about that sort of thing with Lou. "Oh well that explains it," he says. "I knew you couldn't really turn down a body like this." He starts strutting around the living room, making you laugh.
  • Liam: You and Liam are kissing in the bedroom. You're ready to pull away and go to sleep when he says, "So maybe we could...?" He raises his eyebrows. "Oh, no, we can't," you say, a little disappointed. Liam wasn't usually the one to suggest that sort of thing. "Right, right," he says quickly. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have asked." He keeps rambling on, but you stop listening. You kiss him again. "You're adorable, you know that?" you say. "It's not you. I'd to love, believe me, but...I've just...I'm on my period." "Oh, (Y/N), I'm so sorry!" He pulls you close and cuddles you until you fall asleep.
  • Niall: Even though you had terrible cramps and were in a bad mood, you still went out to dinner with Niall. When you two get back home, he's expecting your usual post-date-night ritual. He starts to kiss you passionately, but a familiar pain in your abdomen reminds you that it's not the time for that sort of thing. You pull away. "Niall, I'm really not feeling well. I just want to go to bed," you tell him. "Aw, come on, (Y/N)," he says. He lifts you up and carries you to the bedroom, all while you're screaming in protest. "Niall, seriously!" you finally yell. He hovers over you, now really listening. "I have my period..." you being to explain. "I'm on it!" Niall interrupts. He runs out of the room and returns with his arms filled with food and chick flicks.
  • Zayn: You're visiting Zayn on tour. He hasn't seen you in months, so of course there's something special that he wants to do with you your first night there. As much as you enjoy the kissing, you know where it's going. "Hey, babe, can we stop?" you ask, pulling away. "Why?" he asks you, sounding concerned. "Is everything okay?" "Well, I mean, I'm fine...I know..." "It's that time of the month, isn't it?" Zayn asks. He always could tell exactly what you were thinking. You nod. "No problem," Zayn says. "I'd much rather do this instead." He gives you one last kiss before pulling you close to him and turning on the TV.
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